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MATH 143 - Fall 2018

For homework, please see WebAssign.

My office hours are Tuesday 4:30pm-5:30pm and Thursday 12pm-1pm.  You can also feel free to email me to find a time to meet if you cannot make it to my office hours.  

For extra help, the Math Lab is located in Kiely 331 and is open MW 9am-8pm, TuTh, 9am-5pm, and F 9am-3pm.

 Class  Date  Topics  Notes & Files
1  8/28  Review of Integration  Syllabus, Review Sheet
2 8/30 Integration by Parts (Section 6.1) Notes
3 9/4 Trigonometric Integrals (Section 6.2) Notes
4 9/6 Trigonometric Substitution (Section 6.2) Notes
5 9/13 Partial Fraction (Section 6.3) Notes