Math 241: Intro to Prob and Stat

Week 1

Assignment 1 (Due Sep 2) - See on Gradescope

Beginning of Semester Questionnaire (Due Sep 2)

Video on Random Walk (Not Required)

Week 2

Read Chapter 1 of the Textbook

Lecture 1 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 2 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 2 (Due Sep 9) - See Gradescope

Lecture 3 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 3

Readings: In Section 3.1, read pages 75–80. In Section 3.2, read the Poker Hands section.

Lecture 4 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 5 (Video, Notes)

Quiz 1 - See Gradescope (Due Friday, Sept. 11)

YouTube video shows how to use TI-84 for computing combinations and permutations

Assignment 3 Due Sept. 16 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Lecture 6 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 4

Reading: Section 4.1 (Do not read the subsections dealing with Baye's probability and Baye's formula, those are for next week), the Binomial Probabilities and Binomial Distribution subsections of Section 3.2.

Lecture 7 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 8 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 4 Due Sept. 23 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Lecture 9 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 5

Reading: the subsection Bayes' Formula in Section 4.1 and pages 183–192 in the text in Section 5.1.

Lecture 10 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 11 (Video, Notes)

Quiz 2 - Will appear on Gradescope at 12pm on Tuesday, September 22 and will be due Wednesday, September 23. (Solutions)

(See Week 6 for homework assignment.)

Lecture 12 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 6

Tuesday will be running on a Monday schedule CUNY wide, so I will not hold my regular office hours. However, I will hold office hours on Thursday instead of a live class session. So for next week, you will only have one video lecture.

Due to this shortened week, I have decided to have one homework assignment for Week 5 and Week 6. Accordingly, the assignment below will be due on October 7. But, a large portion of the assignment can be done after Week 5.

Assignment 5 Due October 7 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Reading: The subsection on the Poisson distribution in Section 5.1 (pg. 187–192).

Lecture 13 (Video, Notes)

Week 7

Reading: Section 6.1 pages 225–234

Lecture 14 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 15 (Video, Notes)

Quiz 3 - Will appear on Gradescope at 12pm on Tuesday, October 6 and will be due Wednesday, October 7. (Solutions)

See Week 8 for your homework assignment. Due to the exam next week, your homework assignment will be due the following week.

Lecture 16 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 8

Reading: Section 6.2

Assignment 6 Due October 21 - See Gradescope

Lecture 17 (Video, Notes)

Exam 1 will be released on Gradescope at 9am on Thursday, October 15 and will be due anytime Friday, October 16.

Exam 1 Solutions

Week 9

Reading: Section 8.1 and Section 9.2 (pages 343–344)

Lecture 18 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 19 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 7 Due November 4 - See Gradescope

Lecture 20 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 10

Reading: Pages 333-336

Lecture 21 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 22 (Video, Notes)

Quiz 4 Due October 28, see Gradescope

Lecture 23 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 11

Reading: Section 2.2 pages 55--68 (if interested, you can read Section 2.1 for more context).

Lecture 24 (Video, Notes)

I forgot to take absolute values in the last example in the video: please see the pdf notes for the correction.

Lecture 25 (Video, Notes)