Math 241: Intro to Prob and Stat

Week 1

Assignment 1 (Due Sep 2) - See on Gradescope

Beginning of Semester Questionnaire (Due Sep 2)

Video on Random Walk (Not Required)

Week 2

Read Chapter 1 of the Textbook

Lecture 1 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 2 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 2 (Due Sep 9) - See Gradescope

Lecture 3 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 3

Readings: In Section 3.1, read pages 75–80. In Section 3.2, read the Poker Hands section.

Lecture 4 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 5 (Video, Notes)

Quiz 1 - See Gradescope (Due Friday, Sept. 11)

YouTube video shows how to use TI-84 for computing combinations and permutations

Assignment 3 Due Sept. 16 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Lecture 6 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 4

Reading: Section 4.1 (Do not read the subsections dealing with Baye's probability and Baye's formula, those are for next week), the Binomial Probabilities and Binomial Distribution subsections of Section 3.2.

Lecture 7 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 8 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 4 Due Sept. 23 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Lecture 9 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 5

Reading: the subsection Bayes' Formula in Section 4.1 and pages 183–192 in the text in Section 5.1.

Lecture 10 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 11 (Video, Notes)

Quiz 2 - Will appear on Gradescope at 12pm on Tuesday, September 22 and will be due Wednesday, September 23. (Solutions)

(See Week 6 for homework assignment.)

Lecture 12 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 6

Tuesday will be running on a Monday schedule CUNY wide, so I will not hold my regular office hours. However, I will hold office hours on Thursday instead of a live class session. So for next week, you will only have one video lecture.

Due to this shortened week, I have decided to have one homework assignment for Week 5 and Week 6. Accordingly, the assignment below will be due on October 7. But, a large portion of the assignment can be done after Week 5.

Assignment 5 Due October 7 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Reading: The subsection on the Poisson distribution in Section 5.1 (pg. 187–192).

Lecture 13 (Video, Notes)

Week 7

Reading: Section 6.1 pages 225–234

Lecture 14 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 15 (Video, Notes)

Quiz 3 - Will appear on Gradescope at 12pm on Tuesday, October 6 and will be due Wednesday, October 7. (Solutions)

See Week 8 for your homework assignment. Due to the exam next week, your homework assignment will be due the following week.

Lecture 16 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 8

Reading: Section 6.2

Assignment 6 Due October 21 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Lecture 17 (Video, Notes)

Exam 1 will be released on Gradescope at 9am on Thursday, October 15 and will be due anytime Friday, October 16.

Exam 1 Solutions

Week 9

Reading: Section 8.1 and Section 9.2 (pages 343–344)

Lecture 18 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 19 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 7 Due November 4 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Lecture 20 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 10

Reading: Pages 333-336

Lecture 21 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 22 (Video, Notes)

Quiz 4 Due October 28, see Gradescope (Solutions)

Lecture 23 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 11

Reading: Section 2.2 pages 55--68 (if interested, you can read Section 2.1 for more context).

Lecture 24 (Video, Notes)

I forgot to take absolute values in the last example in the video: please see the pdf notes for the correction.

Lecture 25 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 8 Due November 11 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Lecture 26 (Video, Notes)

Week 12

Reading: Section 4.2 up to page 168

Lecture 27 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 28 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 9 Due November 18 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Quiz 5 Due November 12 - See Gradecope (Solutions)

Lecture 29 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 13 and 14

Reading: Section 5.2 pages 205-206 and 212-214, Section 6.3 pages 268-274

Lecture 30 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 31 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 10 Due December 2 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Lecture 32 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 15 (the week after Thanksgiving)


  • Section 7.2 pages 291-294

  • Section 8.2 page 316

  • Section 9.3

Lecture 33 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 34 (Video, Notes)

Quiz 6 Due December 2 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Assignment 11 Due December 9 - See Gradescope (Solutions)

Lecture 35 - Live Session (Video, Video: Example 1 Redo, Notes)

I botched the first example during the live session, so I made a video where I redo the problem.

Finals Week

  • Exam 2 will be distributed at 9am on Tuesday, December 15 and will be due anytime on December 16.

  • Exam 2 will cover the following sections of the textbook: Section 6.1 up to and through the subsection Independence, and then also the subsection Conditional Expectation; Section 6.2; Section 8.1; Section 9.2 up to, but not including the subsection A More General Central Limit Theorem; we did not officially go through Section 9.1, but it talks about the special case of Bernoulii trials and we did a lot of problems/examples in this style; Section 2.2 through Example 2.17; Section 4.2 through Independent Trials subsection; Section 5.2: the subsections on the uniform, exponential, and normal densities (I did assign and do problems that officially are connected to Theorem 5.1, but never went over it explicitly. All the problems can be done less formally, so it is up to you if you want to look at that theorem or not); Section 6.3 through Independent Trials subsection; Section 7.2 through subsection on Sum of Two Normal Random Variables; Section 8.2 through subsection Normal Case; and Section 9.3 through subsection Central Limit Theorem.

  • Exam 2 is not a cumulative exam, but with that said, this is math course and so there are always connections to and knowledge from earlier in the class that is still necessary.

  • The structure of Exam 2 will be similar to that of Exam 1.

  • I will have office hours on Monday, December 14 from 11am–1pm. (Office hours will use our standard class Zoom link.)

  • At this point, I hope you have developed an understanding of the (high) level of clarity and explanation I expect in a solution to a problem. Problems with little work and explanation will receive little or no credit. This is of the the utmost importance for keeping the integrity of course. Students continue to post my question on Chegg (or other resources) and the answers given are often not up to par. This is the reason why you must completely explain your solution and why little credit will be given otherwise.

(Small) Extra Credit Opportunity

Please fill out this anonymous survey (link: and take a screen shot of the confirmation of your completion. Email me the screenshot and then I will give you an extra 5 points towards your homework score.

Exam 2

Exam 2 is now available on Gradescope. It is due anytime Wednesday, December 16.

Exam 2 Solutions