Math 220: Discrete Mathematics

Course Materials


Homework Information/Rubric

Ted Sundstrom's Mathematical Reasoning (Our secondary textbook)

Overleaf - For writing mathematics: an interface to the typesetting software LaTeX. You can use the file created during the Week 2 live session as a template to get started: download it here.

Week 1

Assignment 1 (Due Sep 2) - See on Gradescope

Beginning of Semester Questionnaire (Due Sept. 2)

Video on Pythagorean Theorem (Not Required)

Week 2

Please read the followings sections in the Rosen's textbook:

- 1.1.1–1.1.5

- 1.3.1–1.3.3

- 1.7.1–1.7.5

Lecture 1 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 2 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 2 (Due Sept. 9) - See Gradescope

This assignment has been graded. Read and/or watch instructios from Gradescope of viewing my comments. My write-up to the proof-based problems can be downloaded here.

YouTube vidoes discussin the truth table of a conditional proposition (Not Required)

Lecture 3 - Live Session (Notes)

Regrettably, I forgot to record the session, so only the notes exist.

Week 3

Lecture 4

I did not make my own video for this lecture. You have two options: either read Sections 2.3 and 2.4 of Sundstrom's text Mathematical Reasoning or watch the following sequence of YouTube videos created by a professor for a similar course at a different college (~50 minutes total):-Screencast 2.3.1-Screencast 2.3.2-Screencast 2.3.3-Screencast 2.3.4-Screencast 2.4.1-Screencast 2.4.2(For future reference, all the videos in this sequence you will likely find helpful for the course. The videos are numbered in accordance with the sections of Sundstrom's text. You can access the full playlist:

Lecture 5 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 3 (Due Sept. 16) - See Gradescope

Lecture 6 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 4

Lecture 7 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 8 (Video 1, Notes 1, Video 2, Notes 2)

If you would like to read more about this week's topics, look at Section 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 of Sundstrom's text.

Assignment 4 (Due Sept. 23) - See Gradescope

Lecture 9 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 5

Reading: From Sundstrom's text: Section 3.4, Section 3.5, and Section 4.1

Lecture 10 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 11

Watch the following videos:Screencast 4.1.2Screencast 4.1.3Screencast 4.1.4Screencast 4.1.5Screencast 4.1.6