Math 220: Discrete Mathematics

Course Materials


Homework Information/Rubric

Ted Sundstrom's Mathematical Reasoning (Our secondary textbook)

Overleaf - For writing mathematics: an interface to the typesetting software LaTeX. You can use the file created during the Week 2 live session as a template to get started: download it here.

Week 1

Assignment 1 (Due Sep 2) - See on Gradescope

Beginning of Semester Questionnaire (Due Sept. 2)

Video on Pythagorean Theorem (Not Required)

Week 2

Please read the followings sections in the Rosen's textbook:

- 1.1.1–1.1.5

- 1.3.1–1.3.3

- 1.7.1–1.7.5

Lecture 1 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 2 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 2 (Due Sept. 9) - See Gradescope

This assignment has been graded. Read and/or watch instructios from Gradescope of viewing my comments. My write-up to the proof-based problems can be downloaded here.

YouTube vidoes discussin the truth table of a conditional proposition (Not Required)

Lecture 3 - Live Session (Notes)

Regrettably, I forgot to record the session, so only the notes exist.

Week 3

Lecture 4

I did not make my own video for this lecture. You have two options: either read Sections 2.3 and 2.4 of Sundstrom's text Mathematical Reasoning or watch the following sequence of YouTube videos created by a professor for a similar course at a different college (~50 minutes total):-Screencast 2.3.1-Screencast 2.3.2-Screencast 2.3.3-Screencast 2.3.4-Screencast 2.4.1-Screencast 2.4.2(For future reference, all the videos in this sequence you will likely find helpful for the course. The videos are numbered in accordance with the sections of Sundstrom's text. You can access the full playlist:

Lecture 5 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 3 Due Sept. 16 (See Gradescope) - Solutions to proof-based problems

Lecture 6 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 4

Lecture 7 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 8 (Video 1, Notes 1, Video 2, Notes 2)

If you would like to read more about this week's topics, look at Section 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 of Sundstrom's text.

Assignment 4 Due Sept. 23 (See Gradescope) - Solutions to proof-based problems

Lecture 9 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 5

Reading: From Sundstrom's text: Section 3.4, Section 3.5, and Section 4.1

Lecture 10 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 11

Watch the following videos:Screencast 4.1.2Screencast 4.1.3Screencast 4.1.4Screencast 4.1.5Screencast 4.1.6

Lecture 12 (Video, Notes)

Week 6

Tuesday will be running on a Monday schedule CUNY wide, so I will not hold my regular office hours. However, I will hold office hours on Thursday instead of a live class session. So for next week, you will only have one lecture.
Due to this shortened week, I have decided to have one homework assignment for Week 5 and Week 6. Accordingly, the assignment I just posted will be due in two weeks on October 7. But, a all of the problems on the assignment can be completed using the material we cover by the end of this week.

Assignment 5 Due October 7 (See Gradescope) - Solutions to graded proof-based problems

Reading: Sundstrom's text: Section 4.1 pg. 188- 192 up through the end of Proposition 4.7.

Lecture 13 (Video, Notes)

Week 7

Reading: Sundstrom's text: Sections 4.3 and 5.1

Assignment 6 Due October 14 - See Gradescope - Solutions to graded proof-based problems

Lecture 14

Watch the following videos:Screencast 4.3.1Screencast 4.3.2Screencast 4.3.3

Lecture 15: Either read Section 5.3 in Sundstrom's text or read Sections 2.1.1 throught 2.1.5 in Rosen's text

The goal here is to learn several basic definitions dealing with sets. This is good practice in reading a text and will be useful to come back to if needed.

Lecture 16 (Video, Notes)

Week 8

Reading: Sundstrom's text: Sections 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4

Lecture 17 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 18 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 7 Due October 28 - See Gradescope (Solutions to graded proof-based problems)

Lecture 19 (Video, Notes)

Week 9

Due to the exam this week, we will only have the equivalent of one lecture. We are transitioning to discussing the notion of functions. So this week your task is to learn a bunch more definitions and to think about some examples. For this, I am going to send you to some more online videos, or if you prefer, you can just do the reading.

Reading: Section 6.1 in Sundstrom's text

Lecture 20

Watch the following videos:Screencast 6.1.1Screencast 6.1.2Screencast 6.1.3Screencast 6.1.4Screencast 6.1.8

Exam 1 will be released on Gradescope at 9am on Thursday, October 22 and will be due anytime Friday, October 23.

Exam 1 Solutions

Week 10

Reading: Section 6.2 and 6.3 in Sundstrom's Text

Lecture 21 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 22 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 8 Due November 4 - See Gradescope (Solutions to graded proof-based problems)

Lecture 23 (Video, Notes)

Week 11

Reading: Section 6.4, 6.5, and 7.1 in Sundstrom's text

Lecture 24 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 25 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 9 Due November 11 - See Gradescope (Solutions to graded proof-based problems)

Lecture 26 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 12

Reading: Section 7.2 and 7.3 in Sundstrom's text

Lecture 27 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 28 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 10 Due November 18 - See Gradescope (Solutions to graded proof-based problems)

Lecture 29 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 13 and 14


  • Sundstrom Section 7.3 page 395-396 and Section 7.4.

  • Rosen Section 10.1 pages 673-675 and Section 10.8 (Chapter 10 in Rosen is all about Graph Theory)

Lecture 30 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 31 (Video, Notes)

Assignme 11 Due December 2 - See Gradescope (Solutions to graded proof-based problems)

Lecture 32 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Week 15 (the week after Thanksgiving)

Reading: Sections 8.1 and 8.2 in Sundstrom's text

Lecture 33 (Video, Notes)

Lecture 34 (Video, Notes)

Assignment 12 Due December 9 - See Gradescope (Solutions to graded proof-based problems)

Lecture 35 - Live Session (Video, Notes)

Finals Week

A couple notes about Exam 2:

  • Exam 2 will be handed out on Thursday, December 17 and will be due anytime December 18.

  • Exam 2 will cover the following chapters of Sundstrom’s text: Chapter 6 (excluding Section 6.6), Chapter 7, and Chapter 8 (excluding Section 8.3) Exam 2 will also cover Section 10.1 and 10.8 of Rosen’s text on graph theory.

  • The equivalent in Rosen’s text of the above is as follows: Section 2.3 (excluding 2.3.6), Section 9.1, Section 9.3.3, Section 9.5, Section 10.1, Section 10.8, Section 9.1, and Section 9.3

  • Material from the first half of the class may still be necessary to incorporate into your solutions and proofs of problems in Exam 2.

  • The structure of Exam 2 will be similar to Exam 1.

  • I will have office hours on Wednesday, December 16 from 9:30–11am. (Office hours will use our standard class Zoom link.)

Exam 2

Exam 2 will be available on Thursday, December 17 on Gradescope starting at 8:30am. It is due anytime on Friday, December 18.

Exam 2 Solutions