Math 301 (Spring 2024)

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A place to ask questions and discuss course content (including homework). An online version of LaTex, which is a mark-up language for writing mathematics (or any document once you become a convert).  You can also run LaTex natively on your computer.  I'm a Mac user, so I can point you to MacTex, but there are also options for Windows and Linux.  I really enjoyed writing homework in LaTeX when I was a student, and I really do think it made me a better student. 

Homework Assignments

HW1 (TeX), HW2 (TeX), HW3 (TeX), HW4 (TeX), HW5 (TeX)

Solutions to Graded Homework Problems

HW1 (TeX), HW2 (TeX), HW3 (TeX)

Week 5 (Week of February 26)

Week 4 (Week of February 19)

Week 3 (Week of February 12)

Week 2 (Week of February 5)

Week 1 (Week of January 29)