Math 301 (Spring 2024)

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A place to ask questions and discuss course content (including homework). An online version of LaTex, which is a mark-up language for writing mathematics (or any document once you become a convert).  You can also run LaTex natively on your computer.  I'm a Mac user, so I can point you to MacTex, but there are also options for Windows and Linux.  I really enjoyed writing homework in LaTeX when I was a student, and I really do think it made me a better student. 

Homework Assignments

HW1 (TeX), HW2 (TeX), HW3 (TeX), HW4 (TeX), HW5 (TeX), HW6 (TeX), HW7 (TeX), HW8 (TeX), HW9 (TeX), HW10 (TeX), HW11 (TeX)

Solutions to Graded Homework Problems

HW1 (TeX), HW2 (TeX), HW3 (TeX), HW4 (TeX), HW5 (TeX), HW6 (TeX),  HW7 (TeX),  HW8 (TeX), HW9 (TeX), HW10 (TeX), HW11 (TeX)

Week 16 (Week of May 20)

Week 15 (Week of May 13)

Week 14 (Week of May 6)

Week 13 (Week of April 29)

Week 12 (Week of April 15)

Week 11 (Week of April 8)

Week 10 (Week of April 1)

Week 9 (Week of March 25)

Week 8 (Week of March 18)

Week 7 (Week of March 11)

Week 6 (Week of March 4)

Week 5 (Week of February 26)

Week 4 (Week of February 19)

Week 3 (Week of February 12)

Week 2 (Week of February 5)

Week 1 (Week of January 29)