Math 231

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Course Information

The textbook is freely available.  The applets I show in class are from this text. A place to ask questions and discuss course content (including homework). A free online calculator that is great for visualizing in 3-dimensions.  

Examples of eigenfaces. 

Week 8 (Week of October 16)

Week 7 (Week of October 9)

A proof-by-picture of the fact that the determinant of a 2x2 matrix is the absolute value of the area of the parallelogram determined by its row vectors. 

Week 6 (Week of October 2)

Week 5 (Week of September 25)

Week 4 (Week of September 18)

Week 3 (Week of September 11)

Week 2 (Week of September 4)

Week 1 (Week of August 28)