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Course Log

Week 1: 1/27–1/31

[Monday, Jan. 27] Notes

Welcome to the Math 220P Webpage! In today's class we will go over some of the basics for the class and jump right into our first activity, which will go over material from Section 1.1 in the textbook.

For next class, complete the Daily Prep listed immediately adjacent to Wednesday's date.

Also, take the time time to carefully read the Syllabus and Daily Prep Guidelines and then sign and turn in the signature page handed to you in class declaring that you have read and understood these documents (if you have questions, make sure I answer them). Another copy of the signature page can be found here. Please turn in this page by Wednesday, February 5.

[Wednesday, Jan. 29] Daily Prep, Notes

Remember to do the Daily Prep for Monday's class: you can find it below under Week 2 next to Monday's date. On Monday, I will handout the first collection of problems for the Proof Portfolio and discuss this project in more detail. In the meantime, head over to and create an account. You will use OverLeaf as an interface for LaTeX in which you will write mathematics.

Regarding CS 220: I have looked up some past syllabi from CS 220 online and they all seem to focus on some of the upper chapters in Rosen's text Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications. Looking at the table of contents, I do believe that our class should provide a solid enough background for CS 220 (in particular, we will have significant overlap with parts of Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6).

Week 2: 2/3–2/7

[Monday, Feb. 3] Daily Prep, Notes

Today we talked about topics from Sections 2.1 and 2.2. I also handed out Problem Group A for the proof portfolio. You are responsible for submitting one draft of one problem from group A on Monday, Feb. 10 following the guidelines in the Proof Portfolio Guidelines. I have used the provided LaTeX Template above to write a sample proof of a theorem from last Wednesday's class: Here it is. You can either copy and paste the text into your own file over at Overleaf or you can download the file (save it as .tex) and upload it to Overleaf. This should help you get off the ground with LaTex.

Next class we will finish Section 2.2 and move into Chapter 3. Make sure to look over the proof portfolio guideliens and problems so that I can answer any of questiosn in office hours or class on Wednesday.

Also, I forgot to hand back your first Daily Prep assignments from last week. Don't let me forget to do so on Wednesday!

[Wednesday, Feb. 5] Daily Prep, Notes

Remember that you have your first draft due on Monday (Feb. 10) for the proof portfolio.

I misspoke in class today regarding submission of your draft for your portfolio. As stated in the guidelines, you will email me a link to your Overleaf file (it needs to be the "Anyone with this link can edit this project" version). For instructions on how to share via a link, please go to Please see the guidelines for the appropriate subject for your email to me. Once you provide me this link, I will be able to leave comments directly in your document.

Week 3: 2/10–2/14

[Monday, Feb. 10] Daily Prep, Notes

I want to remind you that all questions on exams will be exercises from our textbook. If you have not already started, the upcoming break from class might be a good time to start working through various exercises and make sure you are staying up-to-date.

[Wednesday, Feb. 12] No Class (college closed for Lincoln's Birthday)

For those of you who submitted a draft for the Proof Portfolio, I put some comments into your files that you should address in the next draft. For reference, I gave you score imagining the draft was a final submission in your portfolio.

Week 4: 2/17–2/21

[Monday, Feb. 17] No Class (college closed for Presidents' Day)

[Wednesday, Feb. 19] Daily Prep, Notes

Just to clarify: you have a draft due today, just one draft. It can either be a first draft of your second problem or the second draft of your first problem. It is up to you.

Change in office hours today: I will have an office hour from 12–1pm (instead of 11am–12pm and 4:30–5:30pm).

Note: Our first exam is two weeks from today.

Week 5: 2/24–2/28

[Monday, Feb. 24] Daily Prep

I have left comments on all drafts I received last Wednesday.

[Wednesday, Feb. 26] Daily Prep

Exam 1 is a week from today on Wednesday, March 4. Remember all problems will come from the exercises in Sundstrom's text. The exam will cover Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 up through §3.4.

On Monday, we will wrap up any loose ends and spend sometime preparing for the exam (we can work on, talk about or go over exercises from the text), so there will be no Daily Prep for Monday. You still have a draft due as usual.

Finally, as a friendly reminder, attendance is mandatory: unexcused absences will negatively affect your grade.

Week 6: 3/2–3/6

[Monday, March 2] No Daily Prep

Exam 1 on Wednesday. No draft due on Wednesday.

[Wednesday, March 4] Exam 1

Next draft due on Monday, March 9. At this point, you will most likely need to start considering problems from Problem Group B.


This course is designed around the course Math 250 taught by Anna Haensch at Duquesne University. Prof. Haensch shared her course materials with me and gave me permission to freely use, edit, and share these materials. I would also like to note that Prof. Haensch's materials were originally based on materials created by Matt Boelkins at Grand Valley State.